Dreaming of Dahlias

Spring is here for certain and we're so grateful for the land and opportunity to grow dahlias. This summer/fall producer is one of our favorite blossoms, a proud usher of high summer and heat waves. We planted ours a few weeks ago and are starting to see progress! Below is a photo of the first dahlia buds this year at our urban plot at Pop!Farm.


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This year we're growing dinner plate dahlias in that widely adored blush-cream hue again. Just for fun we sourced some unique varieties to test out and some more vibrant colors for Fall harvesting. Our neighbors are expecting quite a show! Like the South Americans they are, we have to wait until the dog days of summer to really see them bloom. Dreaming of summer time and dahlias until then. Wishing you an endless start to summer!

November gratitude

Thankful for our wonderful clients, friends, clients who become friends and vice versa, our hardworking families, the flower community, and the consistent changing of seasons on this crisp Fall day!

We have so much in store for 2017 and are excited to be announcing them as they develop. Hard to believe that our dreams are a reality!  We cannot express our love and gratitude for all our supporters. A lot of long hours and long days lie ahead of us but first, we must give thanks and eat pie!