The Flower Farm

Crisp air has replaced the suffocating hug of summertime. The verdant trees are beginning a fiery hibernation and wood stoves punctuate the evening sky with the season's first wisps of smoke.   Fall is such a wonderful time of year to relish all the joy we have reaped under the sun. We were moving from California and setting up in our new house this Spring instead of putting in a garden so our entire schedule felt behind this year.  The hardest part about leaving California was saying goodbye to certain plants and flowers. It's a totally new climate with a whole new set of rules to remember!  Since we are the first in our area to start farming for cut flowers we weren't sure what would thrive on the farm.  A few test plots in different locations gave us some answers and I'm happy to share the gorgeous results with you in the photos below.

It's been an exciting year full of learning experiences and although we are not looking forward to turning over the plots for winter, we have so many great plans for next year.  Now excuse us while we get back out there to enjoy this crisp Autumn season!